Live is not perfect!

Different strokes for different people. You are either giving support or receiving it. In a world were nothing is perfect, where some have it good, some have it bad, and others, somewhere between good and bad, I would say everyone is distinctive.  Growing up, we have this ideal picture of how we want our lives to pan out. Yes, we all have our realistic  (or not) fantasies about life.

No matter what status we fall into in the society, we most likely hope for a better life than what we have at the moment. Even though we encounter challenges as we go, I mean life could be pretty harsh sometimes,  we hope against hope that what we are passing through will definitely come to pass.
The presence of hope however doesn’t mean that the struggle is a walkover. In most cases, our challenges are soul rendering, heart breaking, down casting situations  which we wish at the depth of our heart that we did not find ourselves in. As women, we can count quite a number of these issues that make us cry out in anguish ‘why me, Lord’? Few women go through life without at least one of these issues in their lives they have difficulty dealing with. To such women, I say congratulations and you are obviously highly favored (as I don’t believe in luck).

I support you!

The majority of women who are experiencing what seems to be a ‘mountain’ in their lives and have this complicated by the absence of support and encouragement; are the reason for this forum. This is all about you. I have been faced with seemingly insurmountable issues in life and having someone (or people) to share with, made and is still making a huge difference. If you have been surrounded by people who pass judgement on you because of the situation you find yourself in, you are not alone. I am aware that some people who have it going well for them cannot sympathize with you. Some will even tell you “oh, you must have done something to bring this upon yourself!” Seriously? I mean how is that supposed to help me feel better?

Let me say it here and now, I pass absolutely no judgements on anyone. Yes! None!  It will never be in my place to make an assessment of your past. It is not part of my calling or job description and I do NOT appreciate people who do that. The tendency of women to be unreceptive and unapproachable to their sisters is what gives us a bad name in the relationship realm. That is about to change! So, from career choices, gynaecology related issues to relationship, fashion or lifestyle challenges, it’s time to open up to ourselves and provide the support that wonderful people like us desire and deserve. BRING IT ON!

Share your story! How are you coping with challenges? If it’s a thing of the past, how did you overcome? What were your high and low points? We would love to hear from you.

We Need Support!

Mobolaji Peace

Mobolaji Peace Olagbemiro is a Civil Engineer with bachelor's and master's degrees. She is writer and editor on her blog . She is a wife and mother and loves crocheting, reading, cooking and supports her husband at his football academy (YAFA) in Abuja, Nigeria.