Habits can be easy or difficult to form. It appears that the bad habits such as unhealthy eating and gossiping are relatively easy to form. My honest observation. While the good habits like reading and exercising are relatively difficult to form. I am stating the obvious, right? I know. Indulge me and keep reading please.
A common scenario would be if daily exercise were to be rigorous and boring workout sessions, it is likely that majority will see it as difficult. On the other hand, if you visualize exercise as  simple 30 minutes walking and jogging sessions, you are likely to look forward to it. Personally, I have learnt to keep things short and simple. I get tired when tasks or activities are lengthy and complicated.
I am excited to talk about habits because I have formed some very good ones. I can say that I have dropped some unhealthy ones too. The approach I took to successful form or to drop a habit is to start with a short term challenge, say a 30-day challenge. What a short term challenge does is that it gives me the opportunity to form a habit without the overwhelming feeling that I am doing something that will drastically change my life or my lifestyle. This way it doesn’t feel like I am taking on a huge and difficult mission!
It is a subtle but effective way to introduce new things into your life. Interestingly, it also works the other way round. I mean when you want to stop an undesirable practice. When I was going to stop drinking soda or frizzy drinks,  I took it short term but with a mind never to drink one again. I made that commitment in December, 2014. Today, I have never looked back and I am the healthier for it.
Steps that make short and long term challenges easier include:

Informing your family and friends.

Document the details in a journal (truthfully).

Plan the replacement to avoid a relapse.
So I have this idea. How would it feel to tweak things a little with different 30 day challenges?

Here are some good ideas: 

30 day no-TV challenge

30 day no-processed-food challenge

30 day no-white/brown-sugar challenge

30 day one-book-a-week challenge
It would be a good thing right? Join me as I take on the 30-day no-TV challenge and the 30-day no-white/brown-sugar challenge. I think the first may really be a challenge, but the second one is just formality because I rarely have sugar at home. I can’t do the one with the books because I have a lot on my plate right now. No way I can squeeze a book in. Maybe later. Now it would be nice to see how I cope with the no TV thing. I think I would ace it because I really don’t have programs or shows  I can’t live without running. 
Here we go! Let me know if you try one of these challenges soon or if you have ever done this before, I would love to hear about it. I will definitely be doing a follow up post to let you know how it went. See you later! Ó dàbò! *chuckle* ?

Habits: 30 day Challenges
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