A Nudge from Above

I had just attended a Christian women’s programme where I listened to Rev. Kathy from Kenya. My experience was deep and I found myself doing some soul-searching. I asked questions that if I were to answer truthfully, I would realize that I am not where I needed to be. Most importantly I am not where God needed me to be. So I did just that! I answered those questions truthfully. They were not new questions but what was different in this case was that the atmosphere at that moment was charged with overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. I felt a nudging in my spirit that I could not ignore. This was not going to be like other days when I knew there was a message for me that I needed to act upon and did not. No, this was different. This was a call to turn things around and take the steps towards walking the walk as I talk the talk. Prior to this time I can not say that I had been talking at all, talk more of walking. I probably was just living my life my way and on my own terms.

Is He your Lord?

The big question that day which I put to you now is ‘IS HE YOUR LORD? I mean IS JESUS REALLY YOUR LORD? I would love for us to ask ourselves this question with a mind to answer truthfully. Do we just claim to be Christians like so many people do or do we daily live our lives for Christ. Are we just all names, no-talk-no-walk Christians? Have we gotten to a point where our lives and living are a reflection of Christ? Can the Lord identify me as a person in a relationship with Him?

Is He really your Lord?

Mobolaji Peace

Mobolaji Peace Olagbemiro is a Civil Engineer with bachelor's and master's degrees. She is writer and editor on her blog . She is a wife and mother and loves crocheting, reading, cooking and supports her husband at his football academy (YAFA) in Abuja, Nigeria.