I do love reading!

I love reading! And I want to be doing what I love. Sadly I have not been reading enough lately (or at all). I see books and I buy, but I never get around to reading them. At the instance that I start one, I never get to finish. That was my book reading story before now. Apart from my engineering books (I can never finish reading) which are not attractive in any way, I have not paid ample attention to a book in the last three years. Which means some books are sitting, taking up space, gathering dust and still unread! That’s just shameful! Why? Because its I ironic that I love reading but  am not reading!

Thankfully, there is always a chance to start over. Every new day, they say, is an opportunity to do things differently. So this year, I will be reading as if my life depends on it. And just to make sure I keep it up, I will share the books I read here. No book review means no book reading.

Scribd and Paperbacks and Others.

Just to satisfy my bookiness (not an English word, I know), I installed Scribd app on my ipad mini and subscribed for premium membership at $8.99 a month. Now Scribed used to be unlimited access, but for some reason, it is now limited to three books and one audio book. Anyway, if I am going to be paying nine dollars every month, I might as well read the three books now. Abi? I hope I can. Let’s not forget I still have other paper back books (collecting dust) to read o.

Is it okay for me to say at this point that my interest or love in reading is selective and limited to Christian and engineering/construction industry related books? I am not sure if anybody wants to hear about what I read in the monthly Civil Engineering magazine or new technology in construction. So I will probably limit my review to the faith-based reads.

So far, it has not been easy to fit a steady reading time into my schedule. But I find that anything you prioritize finds its time in your day. Some tasks have had to be shifted and/or compressed, some excesses curbed, purse/bag content changes have been effected. If the book is in hard copy, I have to take it everywhere with me. If it’s on scribed or it’s an e-book, then the ipad goes where ever I go. Simple. You want to read more, then you have to keep the book with you always. So when I would have brought out my Sudoku or any other word game (the only types of game I ever permit myself to play), I am and will be bringing out my book.

Lets Go!

Now that I have put all these measures in place, lets see how this goes and how long I can keep it up. I will start with the books I never got to finish coupled with my scribd reads. As at the time of publishing this post, I have read a couple of life changing books which I will share in the coming weeks.

Join me as I explore the great world of books and expand my knowledge base. I also welcome recommendations for books to read, and invite you to join me if you are not already reading.

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Mobolaji Peace

Mobolaji Peace Olagbemiro is a Civil Engineer with bachelor's and master's degrees. She is writer and editor on her blog . She is a wife and mother and loves crocheting, reading, cooking and supports her husband at his football academy (YAFA) in Abuja, Nigeria.